Dew Drop

A picture I took early in the morning in my backyard.  I used this photo for the Poem/Textures Challenge, but this is the version without the major photoshopping.


5 Responses

  1. Great macro picture
    I like the color of the plant and the clarity of the water
    Great for a raw photo

  2. i think this picture is really good.
    i really like how you can see all the droplets on the leaf clearly.
    the green in the picture looks really good too.
    you caould next time zoom in a little bit more..
    otherwise it looks really good

  3. This is such a great photo. I love the lines and curves throughout the image. You kept the background simple as well, which strengthens the image. The dew drops look great and really add a lot to the photo.
    Excellent work!

  4. This is a great macro photo. I really like the color of the leaves and the dark shadows really brings it out. I love the detail of the water drops. I love the curves of the plant. I can’t think of anything to improve upon, this is an excellent picture.

  5. I really like this picture!!!!! its one of the best ones i seen this simester…. I really like the detail and the lighting is perfect. There is nothing to improve on in this pic…..

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