Acrobatic Ladybug

After I found this ladybug, I just kept taking pictures trying to get a good one while it climbed the grass.  At times it was leaning on the lens of the camera.


6 Responses

  1. this is a really cool picture. everything is really good. it had good lighting and good focus and i like the subject of it. i also like that the lady bug is really clear and in focus and the grass behind it is blurry. the sunlight is also really good in the background. overall, i really like this picture.

  2. nice… great level of detail… nothing i would really change…

  3. this is a really cool picture. i like the lighting in the picture and the color. it all looks good. i like how you got the ladybug upside down, it looks good. next time you could make it a little bit more focused. all together it looks really good!!!

  4. this picture is very good. the colors are amazing the the detail is very good. i really like how the lady bug stands out so much.

  5. I loooovvee this picture. It’s so cute and creative. The depth of field is very nice and the ladybug is crisp and clear. The composition is really nice and the colors pop.

  6. Very nice photograph. I love the contrast and the detail within the photo. The lighting made it very interesting as well.

    Good job.

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