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My style is…
April 30, 2008

While pondering my style, I came up with fresh, detailed, and bright. But what do you think?


Karate Kid
April 30, 2008

My brother posing on a stump in Sunriver, OR.

Acrobatic Ladybug
April 30, 2008

After I found this ladybug, I just kept taking pictures trying to get a good one while it climbed the grass.  At times it was leaning on the lens of the camera.

April 29, 2008



Rock Candy
April 29, 2008


Three different flavors of rock candy – green apple, cherry, and grape.

I entered this in the Food Challenge.

Dew Drop
April 28, 2008

A picture I took early in the morning in my backyard.  I used this photo for the Poem/Textures Challenge, but this is the version without the major photoshopping.